20 May 2019

Cybercriminal Gang behind $100million theft busted

An international cybercrime network that used Russian malware to steal $100 million from tens of thousands of victims have been busted by the joint operation of Unites States and European police.   The gang used an extremely
18 May 2019

Unistellar Attackers Delete Over 12,000 Unsecured MongoDB Databases

With around 12,000 unsecured MongoDB databases being deletedin the course of three weeks, attackers have solicited the owners from thedatabases to contact the said cyber-exotortionists to have the informationrestored with just a message left behind. They search
18 May 2019

Hackers stole money from Kukuruza(Kykyryza) cards using Apple Pay

83 Kykyryza(Kukuruza) cardholders suffered from the theft of funds. The fraudsters gained access to the logins and passwords from the mobile and Internet banking, and then they connected Apple Pay and withdrew funds. Now the problem is
17 May 2019

Security Bug Discovered in Google’s Titan Security keys, Provides Free Replacement

A securitybug in Google’s Titan Security Key which can potentially allow fraudsterslocated nearby to bypass the security provided by the key. While the companyprovided a replacement key for free to all the already existing users, itblamed a
17 May 2019

Bug in Microsoft RDP allows hackers perform WannaCry level attack

A critical remote execution vulnerability in Microsoft remote desktop services enables let attackers compromise the vulnerable system with WannaCry level malware. Microsoft recently fixed this RCE vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services – formerly known as Terminal Services,
17 May 2019

Cisco devices has critical vulnerability

Security researchers have found many serious vulnerabilities inside dozens of Cisco devices. A cybersecurity company Red Baron claims that the Cisco 1001-X comes with two major flaws. One is a software flaw inside Cisco’s router’s operating system,
16 May 2019

Darknet: The digital underground – E Hacking News

The arrest of two Delhi youths for the import and sale of illegal marijuana through the darknet in December last year sparked widespread discussion on the rising prominence of the darknet in India. With dark net being
16 May 2019

Legitimate Apps That Could Be Exploited To Bypass The Windows Defender: Microsoft’s List

Microsoft recently, published a conspicuous list ofapplication that are legitimate and yet could be exploited by hackers to bypassthe Windows defender. These hackers try to slide into the organizations’ networksand infect them via bypassing the security imparted
16 May 2019

All it takes a WhatsApp call for the spyware to enter your phone

It’s been a day of high-profile security incidents. First there was news the popular WhatsApp messenger app was hacked. Updated versions of WhatsApp have been released, which you should install if you’re one of the more than
16 May 2019

San Francisco to ban facial recognition

Law makers in San Francisco have voted to ban the use of face recognition technology by city agencies, including the police department while provoking worries over privacy. The new bill  Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance, was introduced by