15 May 2019

CRPF bans its troops from playing PUBG Mobile

At some point or the other, most of us would have thought about how good military personnel will be at playing PUBG. Well, it seems that they are indeed good at the battle royale game, however, PUBG
14 May 2019

Targeted Surveillance Attack on Whatsapp

The Facebook owned entity was recently a target of thehackers who had the option to remotely install surveillance softwares on phonesand different devices utilizing a rather major vulnerability in the messagingapp. The attack incorporated of attackers utilizing
14 May 2019

Chinese hackers attacked Russian companies and government agencies for 9 years

Russian Security Companies Positive Technologies and Kaspersky Lab discovered a cyber group which for several years stole data from more than 20 Russian companies and government agencies. The expert said that such groups are usually engaged in
14 May 2019

Confluence servers hacked to install malware

Cybercriminals are now exploiting a vulnerability in Confluence servers to install cryptojacking malware. According to a report by Trend Micro, the vulnerability has been well documented in the past. However, at the time, it was being used
14 May 2019

WhatsApp vulnerability let attackers install Israeli Spyware on phones

A new vulnerability discovered in the WhatsApp allowed attackers install a malicious code on iPhones and Android phones by ringing up a target device. “A buffer overflow vulnerability in WhatsApp VOIP stack allowed remote code execution via
14 May 2019

Dharma: A Malicious Ransomware In The Skin of an Anti-Virus Software

A family ofransomware has been infecting organizations around the globe and now has a newtrick up its sleeve. A file-locking malware is being distributed disguised as anti-virussoftware. “Dharma” happens tobe the name of the infamous ransomware which
14 May 2019

Nigerian BEC Fraudsters Resorting to RATs as the Tool to Amplify Attacks

The number ofBusiness Email Compromise, also known as BEC fraud has risen up by an alarming rate;hackers have resorted to Remote Access Trojans (RAT) to amplify their attacks.  The FBI’sInternet Crime Complaint Center, IC3 attempted to reduce
14 May 2019

Putin signed the law on the isolation of the Russian Internet (Runet)

On May 1, Putin signed a law on the isolation of the Runet. Thus, Russia will have its own Internet. And it will happen this year. Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and
13 May 2019

Hackers charged with stealing $ 2.4 million

A group of hackers from the cybercrime group known as “The Community” charged in the U.S for “Sim Hijacking” attack and commit wire fraud along with 3 former employees of mobile phone providers. All the 6 members
12 May 2019

Amazon’s Alexa storing all the voice recordings

Amazon’s Alexa may delete your voice recordings but it keeps the automatically produced transcripts in the company’s cloud, according to reports. According to CNET report, all the voice commands said to the virtual assistant should be deleted